Starfire Angels
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This is the corner of my site devoted to all things in my Starfire-verse. I've set up tabs for what I think you want to know, but please have patience since I add to the pages as I find time. I am also trying to write around time for my family and other hobbies.

Please feel free to email me with suggestions or questions about the series. I enjoy hearing from readers and would welcome knowing what your biggest questions are to build this site to its full potential.

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Starfire CrystalsStarfire Crystals
Become a Keeper yourself, chosen to bear the Starfire! The challenge is yours. Are you worthy?

$10 loose
$20 wrapped in silver-plated wire
$30 wrapped in sterling silver wire
*Note - for international orders, please contact us to order: Email my order and request an invoice
All charges are in U.S. dollars.North Dakota residents will be charged 5% sales tax. Foreign orders will be billed extra for shipping.