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Jasheir Elis/Dark Angel

(pronounced as jah Shay eer EE lis)

Dark Angel Chronicles 1-4

Revelations 1 & 2

The second child of Sarilov Naolis, who was a Crystal Keeper, and Jasheir Mennara, Elis was also seven (Inari) years younger than his sister, Miyon. After the Shirukan killed his family, Saffir sent him to Earth to protect Shartrael Padina's child and find Padina's Starfire shard. He was helped by humans, Debbie Logan and Evelyn Johnson, to settle on Earth and adapt to school, where he could keep watch over Raea during the day. He was also assisted in learning English, which he picked up quickly.

Raea and Elis
photo by Teresa Yeh
artwork by Claudia McKinney
After some time on Earth, Elis took to flying at night to stretch his wings. In those nightly flights, he occasionally saw people in need and helped them. With a flash of Starfire light from his hands, he was able to disappear into the darkness before anyone could get a good look at him. Using the principle that sudden light causes the pupils to contract rapidly, he could cause a temporary night blindness while he flew off. He earned the name Dark Angel, although no one has identified him except those who help him hide on Earth.

Raea Dahlrich/Shartrael Raea

(pronounced as shar Trah el RAY ah)

Dark Angel Chronicles 1-4

Revelations 2

Raea is the only child of Cattalon Jerantis and Shartrael Padina, who was a Crystal Keeper. While escaping the Shirukan, Padina lost Jerantis, who protected her escape to Earth. She was just a few days pregnant at the time. On Earth, Padina was helped by and fell in love with Scott Dahlrich, brother of Debbie. He adopted Raea as his child when she was born.

When Raea was still a child, her mother and the Starfire agreed that she should become a Crystal Keeper. Padina knew the Shirukan would come for her and protected her child. After the death of Padina and Scott, Raea went to live with his sister Debbie and her family and grew up believing she was an ordinary human with odd birthmarks on her hands (Starburst marks), until the entities of the Starfire crystal decided it was time for her to learn what she really was.


Kaershon Nare

(Pronounced as KAER shon Nah ray)

Dark Angel Chronicles 2-4

Revelations 1-2

Nare is Elis's second cousin, the granddaughter of Saffir from her youngest daughter. Saffir and Elis's grandfather are siblings, but while Naolis and Elis inherited the purple coloring, Nare has pale blue feathers and hair with icy blue eyes. Typically, Nare is opinionated and hard-headed, but with her strong sense of moral obligation, she doesn't tolerate injustice. She also has a bit of arrogance because of her grandmother Saffir's status as the oldest and most respected of Crystal Keepers, but she keeps that in check around Raea, whom she honors because of Raea's status as a Crystal Keeper.

Because she is several years older than Elis, she was asked to babysit him on occasion when he was growing up. She is about the same age as Miyon, Elis's older sister, and was close friends with her also. Because the girls used to boss Elis around (not only because he was Miyon's younger brother but also because males are still considered weaker or lesser individuals by some in Inari culture, despite improvements over generations), Elis used to cause trouble for them. The trouble escalated into pranks and difficulties between Elis and the girls. However, they still care for each other, but the banter never stops. Nare enjoys teasing Elis, especially since he's grown up learning how to ignore her. Her objective is to get a reaction from him.

Approximately seven years before Starfire Angels takes place, Nare joined twenty other Inari on a secret voyage to Earth. The volunteers were sent as a colony to save Keepers if Empress Shirat Marin's objective of killing all Keepers was ever fulfilled on the homeworld. Living on Earth has made many restless, since they must hide their wings. Nare, however, has decided to imitate Elis and has made the slopes of Colorado her patrol area. She has become the Ice Angel of Colorado, suiting up in a white snowsuit in the fiercest of storms. (Inari prefer warm climates, but Nare has always done her own thing, regardless of what anyone thinks.)

Naishurol Saffir

(pronounced NI shUr ahl sah FEER)

Dark Angel Chronicles 2, 3.5, and 4

Revelations 2

The most respected of all Crystal Keepers, Saffir has borne the largest of the known Starfire shards for over a hundred thirty years. A blue-wing, she is also the grandmother of Nare and great aunt to Elis (brother to his grandfather) and daughter of former Crystal Keeper Tenkil. She is to Keepers and all Inari as humans view the Pope on Earth, and teaches compassion, generosity, acceptance, and servitude to all creatures. One of the basic tenets she teaches all Keepers is to do no harm and that Keepers never use their powers to control others or enforce their will on others.

Having grown up at a time before the Shirat Empire came to be, Saffir has experienced other lessons in becoming a true Crystal Keeper. She never speaks of her past, however, but focuses on meditation and learning from the shard she bears. Because of her time bearing it, she has absorbed more of the energy than any other Keeper and the outward expression of its presence in her body, the Starburst Marks, encompass her whole hands and wrists.


Josh Baum

Dark Angel Chronicles 1, 2, 3, and 4

Josh has been Raea's friend since grade school. Raea defended him against some bullies and Josh fell smitten with her. His feelings remained hidden, until he partially confessed his feelings to Elis when Raea was taken by the Shirukan.

As a strict Catholic, Josh admonishes his friends for cursing. His loyalty is unfaltering and his closest friends know they can trust him with their deepest secrets. Josh believes strongly in the tenet of loving others as he loves his God and he is respected for his outgoing, caring personality. He also loves to play computer and video games and is considered a geek by his peers. Because he lives only a few blocks from Raea, they often walk home from school together until the corner where they split up, but they also hang out a lot together.

When Dark Angel made his first appearance in the local newspaper, Josh was obsessed immediately. He collected every article mentioning the Dark Angel of McClarron and  annoyed his friends with his relentless accounts of every fact he could dig up about Dark Angel and angels in general.

Debbie and Michael "Mike" Logan

Dark Chronicles 1, 2, 3, and 4

Debbie (Dahlrich) Logan is the brother of Scott Dahlrich. Debbie married Michael Logan when Scott and Padina Dahlrich were still alive and Raea was only a baby. At the time that Raea discovers what she is, Debbie and Mike have two sons, David (14) and Eric (11). Because Raea was already living with the family before her cousins were born, she tends to see them more like younger brothers rather than as her cousins.

Debbie took custody of Raea after Scott and Padina were killed in what was officially listed as a tornado touchdown. She has raised Raea since she was five years old. Because she was good friends with Padina, Debbie upholds a promise she made as the appointed caretaker in Padina and Scott's will that Raea would grow up believing she was a normal human. This is nullified when the Starfire entites decide that Raea should learn what she really is and the Shirukan send an agent to capture Raea.

In her personal life, Debbie could only wish for a girl of her own, which is why she often thinks of Raea as her little girl. After having two boys of their own and having taken in Raea, she and Michael decided to have no more children. Michael can be somewhat cold to Raea, but he's always been a little jealous of Raea's superior intellect over his boys and doesn't know Raea's secret. Otherwise, he considers her more of a babysitter and extra houseguest. Debbie and Mike may not see eye-to-eye when it comes to Raea living with them, but they both care for her, even if Mike doesn't show it.

Evelyn Johnson

Dark Angel Chronicles 1, 2, 3, and 4

Evelyn is an old woman living in the two-story yellow house next door to the Logan family. When Elis arrives on Earth, Debbie takes him to Evelyn to ask if he can stay with her. With her children grown and moved away and her husband, Joe, having many years passed away, Evelyn lives in the house alone.

A staunch Catholic, she believes in angels and charity and takes Elis into her home knowing what he is. In the two years that he lives under her roof, he comes to appreciate her wisdom and in return, uses his healing powers to help her osteoarthritis. Elis also assists with maintaining her house and driving her where she needs to go, in return for room and board. The two are close friends, and Elis attends Sunday mass with her at the local church.

Note: this character is based on the author's grandmother, Audrey, and grandmother-in-law, Lucille, as well as many lovely elderly women she has known. It is in their loving memory that she dedicates this character.


Nina Russett

Dark Angel Chronicles 1

At the time of Starfire Angels, Nina is in her late forties. A selfish, jaded woman, Nina is looking for the "big break" from what she views as a boring, dead-end reporter position with the (fictional) Xplorer Channel. She approaches the Dark Angel project with the expectations of it being a small town hoax or at best a hallucination that has grown into a generally-accepted myth. When she sees Raea's hands and remembers some research of ancient civilizations, her suspicions are aroused that she might have found something more and she pursues it aggressively, unaware initially of the connection to Dark Angel. Nina will stop at nothing to uncover the real secret hiding in McClarron, an attitude that blinds her to a threat closer than she suspects and puts her in harm's way.

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